Falcon Hunter

Falcon Hunter is a proud Indian warrior cursed into the form of a falcon for eternity
because he defended the woman he loved by killing a great shaman’s brother. He will
never return to his human body unless he can regain the love of his reincarnated wife.

Christina Rainwater is the healer for her people. Ever since she was a teenager, she
has been followed by a beautiful falcon. Even though she knows he doesn’t understand
her, he quickly became her confidante. Christina soon finds herself being stalked by
some unknown evil. The only solace in this nightmare is the bronzed god that keeps
coming to her rescue and invading her dreams.

Can Falcon Hunter teach Christina to love a falcon or is he forever cursed to watch her
love another?




June 14, 1802

Pain seared Falcon Hunter's flesh as the shaman's power clutched him within its evil grasp. His body lifted high off the ground. The shaman's menacing glare pierced his soul. He couldn't move as his body began to change.

What is happening to me?

An invisible force pulled his arms back as feathers prickled out from his bronze skin.

"No!" His thunderous scream became the piercing caw of a bird of prey.

The shaman laughed the glee of a madman. "You killed my beloved brother, taking away our chance to rule the tribe together. So I'll take away what you hold most dear. Never again will you get to wrap your arms around your precious wife. You both will pay dearly for your crimes against me."

His squawk-like cry rent through the night air, echoing off trees. Flames from the campfire soared high, sizzling away anything floating within reach.

"For eternity you will roam the earth seeking the one you love, your soul mate. Should you find her, you'll not able to touch her...except when she's in danger. Only then can you take human form and save her from that which threatens her. You won't be able to stop yourself. But once safe, to flight you'll return."

The shaman walked around the fire to face Falcon Hunter.

Falcon tried to claw his way free, but to no avail. The shaman's power was too great.

The shaman laughed cruelly as he said, "You'll have to watch from afar as she loves another, bears him children, and eventually you'll watch her die. You'll know every time she's reborn. No matter how hard you try, you'll always seek her out, and suffer the pain of separation." The shaman's wicked grin grew wider, his eyes wilder. "Only when her spirit is reborn in one of our native people, and only with her love restored to you will you be free of your curse."